Ease your worries away by having Miss Marmalade provide                  you withscrumptious lunch catering in Brunswick!                                                                                                                                  

Miss Marmalade is one of the finest cafes to provide lunch catering in Brunswick. Having an extensive menu of all-day breakfast, our chefs are professionals that can cater to any and every lunch requirement you might have.  

We are one of the only few children friendly restaurants and cafes in Melbourne hence making us a delight for people of all ages. Miss Marmalade has been providing spectacular coffee since its establishment more than three years ago on end and still is. The environment of our establishment is easy going and laid back with customers from all walks of life coming in and having a great time. For adults, we have the main ground area and separate rooms are also available for special purposes like birthday parties, family Christmas parties, business lunches, trainings and more. For children, we have a back room available which is furnished and equipped all the things that children might desire, from toys to high chair booster seats for your ease.

Have a big office party coming up and you are made the head of food? Do not fret and have a catering company do the job for you. Instead of getting anxious and worked up, ease yourself and enjoy the preparations for the party by having experts in the field take care of it. These companies are well experienced and knowledgeable to know what works best for certain parties and not. They will be able to help you out in deciding a menu and might even give you a hefty discount depending on the volume of your order. Because they are professionals, they will be able to get everything done in time and you will not have to worry about the food being good or not!

Why us?

Miss Marmalade provides affordable catering services without compromising on quality!
We practice efficiency at all times, whether it is a big catering order or à la carte at our premises. We don’t like our customers to wait.
Food prepared by us is hygienic and healthy.
Miss Marmalade has an all year round rotating menu depending on the season so you may get the best of the freshest produce of the season!
We have rooms available to host gatherings and store pick-up option is also available depending on your preference.
Miss Marmalade is a cozy, friendly café that provides one of the finest lunch catering in Brunswick.

Have any questions or suggestions?
Give us a call at (03) 9388 8202 or write to us at missmarmaladecafe@gmail.com
Or better yet, drop by and say hello!
Our address is 126 Union St, Brunswick 3056